Smartphone Holder for Handlebar

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Universal Smartphone holder for motorcycles. A perfect accessory for bikers that enjoy long trips or just going around the city. Depending on the version, the holder can be fixed to the handlebar or to the mirror simply and quickly, thanks to a practical, fully adjustable Clamp to fit Multiple size Handlebar diameters.
No Need for stick on pads, the rubber lined gripper easily holds your Phone securely in place thanks to the strong spring loaded action of the X frame holder.
will fit any phone regardless of size making it perfect choice for Shared use Motorcycles/scooters/bicycles etc.
Made from corrosion free Fibreglass reinforced Polypropylene which is UV stabilized assuring a very long service life.
Vibration Dampers are not needed due to the non rigid flexible design of the holder.
Available in Mirror Mount or Handlebar mount.

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Weight0.36 kg
Dimensions20.5 × 10.5 × 10.5 cm