SKU : LSC-D0B45100



  • 45Litre Case with capacity for two helmets and small items.
  • Case supplied complete with Bottom Mounting plate and hardware screws included.
  • Capacity :45 Litres
  • Fits 2 full face helmets
  • Impact resistant
  • Waterproof sealing system
  • Measures: 55x28x40
  • Optional LED brake light available LSA101
  • Optional backrest available LSA111
  • an extensive range of Fitting Kits are available to suit most motorcycles. (refer ‘Fitting Kits’ menu)

Optional Accessories



  • SHAD TOP CASE-OPTIONAL ACCESORRIES CHANGE THE COLOUR OF YOUR CASE An innovative system developed by SHAD allowing to change the colour of any case cover at any given moment, or to add colour to a case that didn't have any.

  • SHAD TOP CASE-OPTIONAL ACCESORRIES BRAKE LIGHT SHAD offers 3 break lights compatible with different case models. Thus, all cases can incorporate a break light. They are easy to install, as they can be directly coupled on to the lower part of the rack.